How To Create A Sticky Product

How To Create A Sticky Product Like Facebook and Evernote

How To Create A Sticky ProductIn my last post, I elaborated on the first level of my Hierarchy of Engagement: the core action. The second level is what it takes to create a sticky product.

Simply, sticky products use the data a users creates while engaging with the product as fuel to make the experience even more engaging for that user (accruing benefits), and at the same time harder to leave (mounting loss).

A product has accruing benefits if a user would say “the more I use the product, the better it gets.” For example, Facebook uses both explicit and implicit actions to create accruing benefits — the more friends you connect with (an explicit action), the better your newsfeed experience is. The clarity of this action creates the incentive to invest in the product – I know if I connect with a friend, I’ll see their content in my newsfeed. And by investing in the product, I get the pay-off of a more rewarding newsfeed experience. ….read more

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