Why Does Pessimism Sound So Smart? (Especially When Things Are So Good.)

Why Does Pessimism Sound So Smart? (Especially When Things Are So Good.)“For reasons I have never understood, people like to hear that the world is going to hell,” historian Deirdre N. McCloskey told the New York Times this week.

It’s hard to argue.

Despite the record of things getting better for most people most of the time, pessimism isn’t just more common than optimism, it also sounds smarter. The pessimist is intellectually captivating, garnering far more attention than the optimist, who is often viewed as a naive sucker.

It’s always been this way. John Stuart Mill wrote 150 years ago: “I have observed that not the man who hopes when others despair, but the man who despairs when others hope, is admired by a large class of persons as a sage.” Matt Ridley wrote in his book The Rational Optimist:…..read more

The reality of a climate myth

The reality of a climate mythThe United Nations marked World Happiness Day 2016 with a call on young people to take climate action.

A release I shared on my blog generated interesting comments of diverse shades in opinion. Whilst some have lauded the UN initiative, other questioned the concept of an Angry Bird to drive the campaign.

However, what caught my attention is doubts cast on the reality of climate change.

Employers: Young Workers are Your Diamonds in the Rough

Employers: Young Workers are Your Diamonds in the Rough My first job was at G. H. Wilke’s jewelry store in San Gabriel, California.  When I was in high school, the Wilke family put me to work dusting the jewelry window displays.  Simple as it was, that first task taught me responsibility, reliability, creativity and the importance of listening.

In my first few weeks on the job I learned about customer service and making personal connections as I greeted customers I also learned how to assemble inviting window displays and think about the customer experience – how customers are enticed by, and experience, the products they buy. These skills have helped me more than a few times in my career……read more

Morgan Freeman, everyone’s favorite narrator, lends his voice to Hillary Clinton’s campaign

None animated GIFThe ad is one of a series that Freeman will be voicing for the Clinton campaign. This particular spot will be running statewide in South Carolina ahead of the state’s Feb 27 Democratic primary. A 30-second version will be running nationwide on cable.

“Her life’s work has been about breaking barriers, and so would her Presidency,” Freeman says in the ad. It’s not the first time he has lent his iconic voice to a presidential campaign. In 2012, he narrated a similarly styled ad for President Obama’s reelection campaign……read more

Can A Database Of Women Really Fix The Boardroom Gender Gap

ICan A Database Of Women Really Fix The Boardroom Gender Gap?t’s 2016, and just 20% of board directors at S&P 500 companies are female. At this rate, it will take more than 40 years for boards to reach gender parity. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy hopes to cut that statistic at least by half.

The tech veteran recently launched the Boardlist, a database of highly qualified and vetted women who desire to join tech boards. The marketplace has already led to the official placement of one female director — Google’s Karla Martin is now on the board of Challenged — and now there are 40 official board searches going on through our site…..read more

The motley crew leading India’s digital revolution

The motley crew leading India’s digital revolutionThe doorbell rings and there’s a delivery guy with a package. Nothing out of the ordinary, if you go by the amount we spend on the likes of Amazon and Flipkart. He says there’s a package for a Ms. Deepa Chandan, our maid. She’s our woman Friday, tech-savvy and very ‘with it,’ but having a package delivered from one of the big e-commerce sites seems out of the ordinary.

Seeing her nonchalantly reach for her wallet and pay cash on delivery for the saree she ordered, though, makes it seem par for the course…..read more

Chris Martin is the Super Bowl’s biggest loser, according to the Internet

Chris_martinOn Sunday night, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars joined Coldplay for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show and, frankly, ruled the show.

Not that we’d expect anything less from Queen Bey, a seasoned halftime show veteran herself.

In fact, about 20 seconds into Beyoncé’s performance of her new song “Formation,” we momentarily forgot that Coldplay was tonight’s headliner.

Naturally, Twitter has a lot of strong feelings regarding Martin’s presence amongst Bruno and Bey…….read more



Looking for half sleeve tattoo designs for females


starwars advert

Super Bowl ads lead to social media and stock price boost

Super Bowl ads lead to social media and stock price boost As a marketer what would you set the value at on 100 million + people seeing your ad? This year the price has been set by CBS at $5 million for 30 seconds during this year’s Super Bowl. In a digital world $5 million could go a long way with search, social, and other digital spend. What if you could get 100 million people viewing your ad, an increase in your stock price, and up to 60 days boost on social media?

Super Bowl 49 had 114 million + viewers and produced nearly 100 million social mentions. Last year I created an algorithm that analyzed the social buzz produced by all of the ads and created a top 10 best ads based upon total mentions, buzz growth over an average day, international reach, positive sentiment, and spend efficiency (buzz per dollar spent). The results were posted for USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter .

The Five Biggest Tech Trends for Millennials in 2016

The Five Biggest Tech Trends for Millennials in 2016By now you’ve read 10 lists of the top 10 tech trends to watch for this year. Many touched on the focuses for investors and founders for the coming year. But what about the creatives and consumers?

Digital is dominated by the millennials so I felt it was only right to identify the trends that address our audience. Here are five to watch for in 2016:

As if we needed any more of a reason to be on social media, here it is. As much as 63% of users on Twitter and Facebook get their news from there, according to Pew Research. Social networks have already adapted to compete with stand alone news apps like Flipboard or Apple News…...read more